Monday, March 30, 2009

Alex's Quilt is DONE!

Yesterday, while the boys were sleeping I managed to finish Alex's quilt. For the past week I've been taking care of all the loose string, which wasn't a whole lot, but I wasn't eager to to it either, so I only did a couple here and a couple there.

The binding was a little tricky to figure out, since I didn't have a clue how a do it. So I looked up how to bind a quilt on the net and found that a majority of the site didn't have illustrations to go with the instruction is which what I needed, so I had to just wing it, which I think I did a pretty good job.

This is the material I used for the binding, you can't really tell that it is a satin looking fabric.

And the final look.

Oh yeah, we can't forget the back look it the quilt either!


The Dapelo Family said...

Looks beautiful! Where did you get the pattern?

Claire said...

Oh, I got the pattern at
You have to be a member but it's completely free, which is great. Then I clicked on "Quilting", "Children's Corner", "Kids Quilts and Wall Hangings" Once there there's a pattern called "Seeing Stars". I downloaded the instructions and modified it a little bit to include more color. I think you'll really like the has everything, not just quilting!

Anonymous said...

Wow, impressive first quilt!!!