Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Some Fresh Air

Saturday, Alex has a birthday party to go to at Chuckie Cheese. (I HATE CHUCKIE CHEESE!!!) And he has another birthday party this coming weekend at Chuckie Cheese. He also had a birthday party invite to Tokens 'N Tickets, but (1) Andy wasn't home in time to watch Jon and (2) Alex wasn't behaving very well to deserve to go. (I know this irrelevant, but Alex was just at Chuckie Cheese a couple weeks ago for yet another birthday party. There are at least 4 kids, at the babysitter's, who celebrate their birthday this time of the year.)

After the party, Grandma DiTommaso came and picked up both of the boys. They were so happy. Plus I needed a break from them for a while.

So, I went over Sunday around noon time or so to pick up the boys, but know full well that we will not be leaving until after supper time, which this time it was about 8:00 pm. But after I got there I helped Grandma get the boys around and we all went outside FOR SOME FRESH AIR! The boys had so much fun, that they didn't want to go back in even though they were starting to get very cranky from skipping their naps.

Jon is so happy... I can't believe he is only 15 months old.

Look at him...walking with such determination!

Alex is also getting big...I didn't even know that he knew how to blow bubbles!

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