Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I;m currently working on the shoppe that is.
Here is the pattern that i used for this quilt, but since i didn't have all the fabrics that design called for i modified it.

 all that is left is to finish the binding.

But in the meantime I also working on the following
did you notice the dime in the you an idea of how big the blocks are and the quilting that i'm using on the quilt. should be done by the end of the this week...guess that only gives me 1 more day to work on, since i don't work over the weekend.

have a great weekend everyone
and Happy Easter!'s GREEN

made this quilt for display at the shoppe...mainly for St. Patty's Day.

but the fabrics that i used would also be great for everyday use, if you like the color green
...AND I DO!!

Let's Welcome Carmen Ellie...

....into the world...she was born March 30. (sorry i don't know any of the stats).
My cousin Michael and his wife, Monica, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Carmen Ellie!

Back in February I made a quilt for the baby...i used Hushabye by Tula turned out AMAZING!
i just love the pattern that i used for the only required half of a jelly roll plus background, etc.

I got the pattern from this book...
and because i don't like gift bags...they only get thrown away anyways...i made an awesome tote bag, from One Yard Wonders...i love this book.

i've made this tote bag some many times that when i made this one i didn't even need the book in front of me...that's right i have the pattern and directions memorized!
so when Carmen gets older she can use the tote to carry around her toys, books, blanket, etc....that's what i love about this's so versatile!
 and because we got some really soft flannel into the shoppe i made several burp rags for her as well


....Carmen is freakin adorable!

Remaining 4 Calendar Blocks... promised!

Now that all the blocks are done, I'm wishing I would have done something different. I had a customer come in a few weeks ago, when the last four blocks weren't quite finished and he asked me if i was going to make a quilt out of them. 

Dang It, i thought....that is a really great idea, but sadly NO! And i explained to him what i was doing with the blocks and showed him the others that were already hanging up. 

Maybe if i get the free time and motivation I'll make the blocks again and turn it into a quilt!