Friday, February 11, 2011

I Love Getting Mail...

notice anything different about package???
take a closer look at the stamps!
still stumped?? than look here....
all the way from NORWAY!!!
awhile back i noticed a link on facebook on One Yard Wonders page and came across this blog and she was having a giveaway!!

and before i enter into any giveaway I always cruise the blog to see what the person is all about....i found that katt has such the cutest little rats, seriously...go see for yourself, there's two in the header on her blog!!

when i got the e-mail from her i.was.syked!!!! first time i've won anything EVER in the giveaway world! so I've been waiting patiently for this to arrive so i can share it with all of you.

 isn't the bag cute....and i just love the tags she uses..if you can't see it in the picture is says, "thatdamncat"! gotta love her humor!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I Almost Forgot.....

For Christmas this year i made the nieces dolls, 
and i almost forgot to tell you all.

The dolls were tailored to each girl....
the clothes were chosen from their favorite color....
the hair matches the hair color of each niece.....
so without further adue here they are:

For Kamille
 She loves purple.....took me forever to find the right kind of purple to use, 
but after searching through my whole fabric stash i finally found it.....
if she didn't love i was going to keep it for myself!

For Ayla
I wasn't quite sure what her favorite color was, 
but she's 4 years old and what 4 y/o girl doesn't like pink...
am i right! But i have to be honest, i originally made her for Kamille, 
but after considering the the colors for a awhile, 
i just wasn't satisfied about them and decided they were more pink than purple

For Hailey
Yes people, my niece has fire red hair, 
which is actually a very dark orange-red color.....
and to top it off she's about as 'tom-boy' as you can get....
she must take after me, because i was a big tom boy growing up! 
And Hailey's favorite color just so happens to be blue, 
which goes great with orange.

Aren't the dollies lovely??

I used Dahlia the Doll pattern for Melly & Me
When first opened the pattern I about freaked out...
8 pages of instructions...
i thought i was going to die...what did i get myself into. 
But once you start working at the dolls, 
it starts coming together very quickly!

Look What I Rec'd in the Mail......

my potholders from my partner, Tiffany (flickr: love2quilt7), for the Potholder Pass #6!

 Are they lovely??? And just in time for Valentine's Day.
I absolutely love them and I'm enjoying the squishy stress reliever ball that came with them!

Thank You So Much Tiffany!!!