Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome Lizzy

I wiped this up last night and finished it this morning.

Just LOVE the flower near the ear!

I'm so proud of myself for doing something non-quilty for a change and I think you'll be seeing more non-quilty projects!

Back View

I found this pattern in the magazine, "Stitch" - Spring 2009....I'm completely addicted to Stitch, many cute patterns and ideas.

For those wondering, who did i make this for....well, absolutely no one....this is a just because project.....i think i'll put her on the my sewing table as inspiration for the future!


Jenny said...

awesome kitty claire!! i have this magazine too! found it at a garage sale! do you subscribe to it?

Ariane said...

Ah!!! She is so cute!!!! Love it!!!