Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nephew #5's Quilt

OK......I screwed up big time!
I forgot to take pictures of the quilt before I wrapped it up to give to my sister at her baby shower.
I'm sure someone was taking pictures that I can use to show you all. Or maybe I'll just wait until the baby is born and get birds with one stone.
But if it make you feel any better that quilt was super cute! I was made with the same material & pattern as Nephew #4's, the only difference was the backing. Nephew #4 was orange/red for the backing and this one was lines green & teal.
This also explains why I haven't posted anything...I've been busy working on this quilt in order to get it finished for the baby shower.
Now it's time to ctach up on the quilt-alongs and the quilt for aunt fay.

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