Monday, May 14, 2012

Dancing in the WInd and then some...

When the shop got in new quilt patterns, i just couldn't help myself but to get started right away on Dancing in the Wind by Prairie Grass Patterns...and it didn't help that we got in some jelly rolls of Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket for Moda.
I got started right away on it.
Ooooohhhhhh...I think I'm love with this quilt!

For those of you who are wondering....YES...this quilt was quilted by Jodi Apple in Slyvania, OH
She does such beautiful work...i got the quilt back last Thursday and when i seen it on the table at the shop i started jumping up and down with extreme might have thought i was 6 years old in a candy shop for the first time!

And since I didn't use up all the strips, i also made this little dandy...

Gotta LOVE the simplicity of the postage stamp quilt...this pattern is so easy to put together!
 I used Fandango by Kate Spain for Moda as backing and binding, since we still have some in the shop and I've been dying to use this material for something....i think it makes really great backing for this crib size quilt!
 And since this is a smaller quilt, i went ahead and quilted it myself with a simple corner to corner straight line can't see it very well in the pictures, but on the top i use colored threaded and for the bottom i used a cream turned out GREAT!!

NOW what to do with the left over baby triangles from the pinwheel quilt.....if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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