Sunday, May 24, 2009


I came a across a quilt with a ruffle binding on at Spool Sewing. And I was wondering how they did that, so I went out on a search, Google search that is, to find out how to make a ruffles.

I found out that there are several ways:

The most time consuming is to fold the fabric over to create the ruffle / pleat, but if your going to do this for the whole quilt it could take you quite a long time.

Then I found a YouTube video where the sewer used elastic. She stretched it all the way out and then sewed it on the fabric and when she was done the elastic returns to it's original state creating the ruffle.

Finally, I came across a free quilt pattern provided by Michael Miller called Ginger Blossom. After reading the instructions and found out that they used a "ruffler foot", which looks something like this....

Scary looking contraption, isn't it?!?

Long story sewing machine is not made to have a ruffler foot attached. So I went to Joann's where I purchased it and they are going to let me upgrade to a machine that does have the ruffler foot option and much much more. But since I cannot do this until a get paid, the manager over the sewing machine department is going to hold it back until this coming Friday. In the meantime, I need to round everything up that came with my sewing machine, this should be a fun treasure hunt.

All this trouble for just a little ruffler foot, which the machine does not come with, you have to buy it separatly, but I'm going to get a good price on it. Matter in fact, she made me a deal that I just could NOT refuse. I'm so excited that I cannot wait.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm On A Roll Folks!

Yes, I have another quilt top done. This one is for niece #2. It only took me about 4 1/2 hours and that is including watching the boys for at least two hours. (While they were finishing up their dinner I worked on it and while they were playing in the toy room. Mommy wasn't allowed to play this time because Alex, my 3 year old, said so.)

And I know that I said I wasn't going to post any pictures of the quilt because they are going to be Christmas presents, but I just have to show you all what I've been accomplishing.

Niece #1

This is the pattern that I used for her quilt, which you can find at Fat Quarter Shop for free!

Niece #2

And, this is the pattern that I used for her quilt, which you can find at Fat Quarter Shop for free!

Here is a better look at the fabric choice that I choose:

Calico Fabric - Pappilon Neutral
This BEAUTIFUL butterfly pattern I found at When I first saw it I knew this was the material that I wanted for niece #2's quilt, but I waited until the next to look for it at the store, which they did not have. So I went back on online to suck it up and pay the shipping cost, but low and behold this fabric was "OUT OF STOCK" and "DISCONTINUED"! I could have kicked myself for not buying it when I first saw it. But I kept searching the net everyday and also going back to to see if they might of gotten a return on it. After about a week, I noticed that had a fairly large quantity in stock, but it was under a different name. (Not sure it that really mattered.) So, you betcha, I snatched up probably more than what I needed, but I'm not going to chance it again. Now I just need some coordinating material to go with it. And luck for me I found a charm pack at that I thought went really well with the butterflies.

'Moda Aviary 5" Charm Pack, which has 42 - 5" x 5" squares for only $7.98. (If you think you'd like this, you better hurry as of right now there are only 11 packs left and then it will be removed off the site.)

Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fresh Poppies Fuchsia
I'll be using this for the backing.

And, since I bought so much of the butterfly material I'm hoping that I can use it to make a ruffle binding on the quilt. Because I have all the material for niece #2's quilt I can start on putting the top layer, batting, and back layer together this weekendwhen the boys are taking their naps.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Out To Sea

Out To Sea is what I have decided to call this quilt. Since I was inspired by the Moda Neptune Collection by Tula Pink.

As you know, while I was waiting for my materials to arrive, I went ahead and started on Andy's quilt. Well the top is done, but just like the other one I still need to finish it up. Just one little problem though, I'll need to buy more material for the backing, which I have not decided what I want it to even look like. But none the less here are some pictures of what I have so far.

Monday, May 18, 2009


While I'm waiting on the materials for Mary's project, I have decided to start on Andy's quilt. Yes,I know that I haven't finished niece #1's yet, but I still haven't decided on how to finish it.

I found a FREE quilt patter at Amy Butler Design called Amy's Lotus Brick Path Quilt. I'm not using her fabric choices though, since they are a little girlie and this quilt is for Andy. Instead, I have choosen a variety selection of blues. Since the directions call for 11 - 1/2yrd of material I have changed it a little. I already have the fabric picked out and have 16 - 1/2yrds. So, I have 16 down not 11 like the directions say. I also was able to cut 20 blocks out of the material, so I'll have 20 columns, instead of 18 like the directions say. And I will not be adding the pom-poms on the corners. I personally am not a fan of pom-poms, maybe used elsewhere in a different project it might look ok.

So far, I have the fabric cut and 10 strips sewn. I still need to sew the other 10 strips and then sew the 10 strips together.

Below is my color palette. Yes I know that the first four images are small, but they are just place holders until I can get a better picture of them.

If you can tell, there are gold flecks on the darker part of the material.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Ready Mary

I can not wait until my materials arrive in the mail, scheduled for drop off on Tuesday. I cannot disclose to you what I'm waiting for, since I'll be making Mary's craft project from it. NO PEEKING, YOU WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE! I'm so excited, if everything turns out I might make one for me.

I'm not sure how long it is going to take me to finish the project, but I'm hoping no more than two months. (I say two months, because I'm still halfway done with niece #1's quilt. I've got the top done, but still need to decided whether or not to add a border, and then quilt the quilt and bind it.)

Once I have Mary's project done, I will not post pictures of it until she does, because again, NO PEEKING!

Also on another note, since no one else has signed up for the project, I will be placing it on my Facebook. I'll have a make some adjustments to it, but all in all it will be the same deal. I'm kinda of bummed that only Mary wants something homemade by me. So hopefully this will help me out and also get my blog noticed more by others.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Quilt Done!

Today while the boys took their nap, I was able to put the last of the binding on my quilt. I most admit that this has taken me a lot longer than expected, because I, as usual, did not measure properly and had to order more fabric, which was out of stock and had to wait two weks for it to come in. This you already knew if you've been following me blog....that's when I put together Jon's quilt, which he sleeps with every night.

So here is what my quilt looks like, which is big enough for our bed. Matter of fact, a little too big for the bed. To see large samples of the material I used, click on HERE.

4 - 7" x 2 3/4" sewn together along the long side; 2 - 9 1/2" x 2", again sewn along the long side.

I found the picture of the quilt pattern that I used, which can be found at It's called "Spring Garden Path" and cost $2.49 + shipping & handling.

While I was waiting for my second batch of fabric to arrive, I did start on another quilt, which I prefer not to post any pictures, since it will be a Christmas gift for my niece. I am going to a quilt for all six of my nieces and nephews (3 nieces & 3 nephews). But I will show you the pattern that I am using, which can be found at for a free .pdf download.

So far I have all of the four bar patches done and half of the pinwheel patches. And again I must admit the pinwheel patches are taking a lot longer than expected. Since the directions call for 9 charm packs, and I am not using charm packs, I had to cut my own fabric, which I ran out of the cuts. I do still have the fabric, I just need to get motivated to some more. When I done with this quilt I'll be starting on my other niece's quilt, which will be using the following pattern for the same sight.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day at the Park

Last weekend was such a beautiful day, that we took the boys a local park to fun some fun.

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Jon Jon's Quilt

Well I run out of material for my quilt and I went to go re-order and the material is on back order, so i thought I'd work on Jon-Jon's. It took about five days for me to finish his blank. I use the same pattern as I did for Alex's.

Since Jon is such a monster most of the time, I thought it was only appropriate to make him a monster quilt. And since I have enough material left over I'm thinking about copying one of the monsters to a stuffed monster/pillow.

Easter Day Picture

I know I complained about Easter Day being a nightmare, but I did get picture of kids being happy for the most part, so I guess the day wasn't that bad after all.

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Night before Easter

My children eating popcorn on Grandma's coffee table.