Monday, May 18, 2009


While I'm waiting on the materials for Mary's project, I have decided to start on Andy's quilt. Yes,I know that I haven't finished niece #1's yet, but I still haven't decided on how to finish it.

I found a FREE quilt patter at Amy Butler Design called Amy's Lotus Brick Path Quilt. I'm not using her fabric choices though, since they are a little girlie and this quilt is for Andy. Instead, I have choosen a variety selection of blues. Since the directions call for 11 - 1/2yrd of material I have changed it a little. I already have the fabric picked out and have 16 - 1/2yrds. So, I have 16 down not 11 like the directions say. I also was able to cut 20 blocks out of the material, so I'll have 20 columns, instead of 18 like the directions say. And I will not be adding the pom-poms on the corners. I personally am not a fan of pom-poms, maybe used elsewhere in a different project it might look ok.

So far, I have the fabric cut and 10 strips sewn. I still need to sew the other 10 strips and then sew the 10 strips together.

Below is my color palette. Yes I know that the first four images are small, but they are just place holders until I can get a better picture of them.

If you can tell, there are gold flecks on the darker part of the material.

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