Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pop Garden Quilt

For about the past week and a half I've been working on a new quilt.....Pop Garden Quilt (because it's made with Pop Garden fabric, by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit.

I believe that there are 21 different designs that I'm working with, even though there are more than that in the collection.

Here are a couple samples of the squares blocks that I'm working with.

I do have a pattern that I'm using, but it's one that I just draw up myself, so it's on grid paper in pencil (if I need to change anything I change it as I go along). I'm hoping that when I get done with the front and back I can come with with something a little more presentable to share with you along with photos of the quilt.

On another note: I've been slowing quilting niece #2's quilt one row about every other couple of days. So, I'm working on it is the main thing.

Four Year Anniversary

Today has not been the greatest day....

First of all, it's Father's Day and Andy had to work.
Second of all, it's our Four Year Wedding Anniversary and Andy had to work.
Third of all, I usually go to my Dad's for Father's Day for a big cook out... all of my sisters are there and sometimes our brother....we make a whole day of just hanging out, and dad always barbecued, either chicken or pork chop, with grilled garlic bread, and baked beans, and potatoes. Ooohh, my month is starting water. But as most of you know he pasted away from cancer last year at the end of April. This year things are really starting to sink today was just a really rough didn't want to do anything, but sit around and cry all day.

On the upside, Andy did get off of work at 5 pm, so after he got home and I got myself and the boys around, we went out to eat. (Sorry no pictures, Andy doesn't like having his picture taken.) We went to O'Charlies only because kids eat for free everyday, all day. Jon-Jon was being so naughty though and Alex kept standing up in the booth talking to everyone around us. Jon-Jon got mad, because we poured his chocolate milk into his sippy cup...he wanted to drink it from the kids cup with the bendy straw, but he doesn't know how to quite to do it yet. He can drink from a straw, but he thinks he has to tilt to cup up, which then starts to leak everywhere, so we take it away and he starts to scream. Well, we don't want everyone looking at us, so we give it back and start the process over. He did calm down though once the food started to arrive...he forgot about the cup with the straw and just drank from his sippy cup.

Afterwards, we needed to go to the store to pick and few items, like pull-ups, diapers, milk, and pop (for Andy). I don't know why, but it seems like I can never leave the store without spending at least $100 (it's a good thing Andy works for Walmart, because we get a disount, which is nice when spending that much money)!

Not such an exciting evening, but that is how it was spent. We haven't gotten anything for each other for several years now, mainly because we haven't remembered until it's too late (like a week later). Although, Andy did remember the first year, because he bought me a heart necklace with diamond around it...nothing fancy, but I still wear it to this day, not everyday, but almost.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mary's Homemade Gift from ME

I've been so excited to post pictures of the cute bag I made for Mary, but

I've been waiting for her to post the picture first so that I don't give it away.

It is an Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag made with material by Dena Designs for Free Spirit: Monaco.

I'm really proud of how the sides just happen to turn out, which I didn't even plan on happening.

Now, I made this bag first as a trial run, so if I make mistakes it's not going to be on Mary's bag. And wouldn't ya know, I made a BIG mistake, but the bag still looks nice.

The pattern is upside down...MoMo for Moda: Wonderland
The main part of the outside of the bag is Tea Time Tomato Twill and the lining (not pictured) is Mad Hatter Sugar. The band and handle is Mid Century Modern Strip Mustard by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics. I must admit that it looked like they might together, but now that I see the finished project, I'm not so happy with it.

Well I think I'm off to a great start for being a Beginner Sewer, but I really have to give the credit to Amy Butler who made the instructions to simple to follow that a beginner, like me, is able to make this great bag. I learned some new sewing terms as well, like, "Gusset", which I'm quite proud of myself for not messing up that part of the bag.

Well now I'm off to start another project or maybe I should finish one of the quilts that I've already started.

Thanks Mary for the inspiration of this great offer, now I can't wait to see what you come up with for me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just for you, Mary Dapelo

Ok, Mary, I've completed my end of the DEAL. I'll let you know when you should be receiving it in the mail. I really hope you like it.

Friday Nites Live

Out at Jefferson Point in good 'ol Fort Wayne, IN they have what's called "Friday Nites Live", which is a free concert every Friday night, June through September.

The boys had a blast! Poppa and Gamma (as my son calls them) came and picked up Alex to take him out there, while Jon-Jon and me waiting for Daddy to get home from work and them we met up with them later.

The boys had so much fun dancing. Poppa took them out on the dance floor area so that they could dance with everyone else. Jon-Jon was sooo funny...just boppin' to the music and swing his arms and clapping his hands.

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