Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pop Garden Quilt

For about the past week and a half I've been working on a new quilt.....Pop Garden Quilt (because it's made with Pop Garden fabric, by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit.

I believe that there are 21 different designs that I'm working with, even though there are more than that in the collection.

Here are a couple samples of the squares blocks that I'm working with.

I do have a pattern that I'm using, but it's one that I just draw up myself, so it's on grid paper in pencil (if I need to change anything I change it as I go along). I'm hoping that when I get done with the front and back I can come with with something a little more presentable to share with you along with photos of the quilt.

On another note: I've been slowing quilting niece #2's quilt one row about every other couple of days. So, I'm working on it is the main thing.

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