Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's Welcome Carmen Ellie...

....into the world...she was born March 30. (sorry i don't know any of the stats).
My cousin Michael and his wife, Monica, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Carmen Ellie!

Back in February I made a quilt for the baby...i used Hushabye by Tula turned out AMAZING!
i just love the pattern that i used for the only required half of a jelly roll plus background, etc.

I got the pattern from this book...
and because i don't like gift bags...they only get thrown away anyways...i made an awesome tote bag, from One Yard Wonders...i love this book.

i've made this tote bag some many times that when i made this one i didn't even need the book in front of me...that's right i have the pattern and directions memorized!
so when Carmen gets older she can use the tote to carry around her toys, books, blanket, etc....that's what i love about this's so versatile!
 and because we got some really soft flannel into the shoppe i made several burp rags for her as well


....Carmen is freakin adorable!

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