Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black Car

Ever since we got the Toys R Us Christmas flyer, Alex will not stop talking about a black car.

He keeps saying that he wants a black car. So I keep telling him that we'll put it on his Christmas List and that he'll have to tell Santa Claus.

Well today he was reminding me, yet again, and that he'll need KEYS for the black car too.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mini Vacation

Andy still needed to take his 3rd week of vacation, and since we, like most people, don't have a lot a moo-la to spend a vacation, we took a mini vacation.

We found a really great deal for $300 + tax:

10. TWO Night stay in a Beautifully appointed African-themed Hut Room for up to four guests.
9. Admission to America's Largest Indoor Waterpark for each registered guest
8. Breakfast for two adults and two children your first morning at Great Karoo
7. Dinner for two adults and two children at Great Karoo
6. Breakfast for two adults and two children your second morning at Great Karoo
5. One 14" one topping pizza
4. 4 fountain sodas
3. 4 Safari Adventures Park Passes
2. $20 voucher for Spa Kalahari services (reservations required)
1. 4 Mini Golf passes

And even though we didn't do # 1, 2, and was still a great price.

The Boys Having Fun in Tree Top Play Area....dry fun of about 3 stories tall

(Photo from Kalahari website)

Now for the wet part...the indoor waterpark......where we were at the water was a max. of 10 inches deep..prefect for the little ones.

There are a lot more pictures, but because the kids were always on the move, I couldn't get a good picture of them....but I think you get the idea of how much fun they had.

LJ loved the slide, especially when he was going down head first on his belly....that was until he got yelled at....Ohio State Law, can't go down a waterslide head first.

And Alex loved the other water slides, but NO pictures there because there is water coming down everywhere....the life gaurds even let LJ go down once...too BIG for him. He just zipped down the slide so fast he didn't even get time to enjoy what was going on...Andy was at the bottom of the d=slide to catch him and LJ was crying, Andy said.

LJ went down the orange slide, the one next to the blue from Kalahari website


Her favorite place to sleep....

....the boys' chair!

Time for a Break

From Sewing that is!

I was working on a quilt, when I forgot to lift up up the presser foot and I was trying to loosen the thread....while my figure was down there, my foot accidentally hit the sewing machine pedal...

This what my finger looked like after it stopped bleeding. The needle went in through my nail and out the tip of my finger.....OOUUCCHH!

After about a week it started to heal and nail started to snag on things, so I had to suck it up and trim it the best I could....but I still wore a band-aid on it for about 2 weeks.

And to make matters worst, about 30 minutes after all this happened I tripped in the baby gate and clipped the back of my heel on it, which ended up taking a chunk of skin off of my heel. I was limping for about two weeks with this too.

Not quite a month later, my nail still has NOT grown back out and my heel still has a scab on it.