Monday, May 14, 2012

Meadowsweet Ticker Tape Method

Do you recall the left over baby triangles from Meadowsweet Quilt?!? 

 Well, i started making a quilt using the ticker tape method by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts. I remember seeing this for the first time when she blogged about it back in September 2009.

I used some leftover Kona solid that I had in my stash...boy was i happy to use some of this up, but i still have a ton left in the stash!

 For just winging this quilt, i think i did i pretty awesome job!
There was no marking on the background material to help line things up...i eyeballed the whole thing for placement which is why some are close together and others not soo much.

 I used a bella solid for backing to help high light all the different colors that i used on quilting it.
Even though i used a walking foot, i still got some pulling on the back...but to be quite honest, i quilted it in a huge hurry...the whole is a huge mess, but that is the look I went for and it turned out great.

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