Sunday, June 21, 2009

Four Year Anniversary

Today has not been the greatest day....

First of all, it's Father's Day and Andy had to work.
Second of all, it's our Four Year Wedding Anniversary and Andy had to work.
Third of all, I usually go to my Dad's for Father's Day for a big cook out... all of my sisters are there and sometimes our brother....we make a whole day of just hanging out, and dad always barbecued, either chicken or pork chop, with grilled garlic bread, and baked beans, and potatoes. Ooohh, my month is starting water. But as most of you know he pasted away from cancer last year at the end of April. This year things are really starting to sink today was just a really rough didn't want to do anything, but sit around and cry all day.

On the upside, Andy did get off of work at 5 pm, so after he got home and I got myself and the boys around, we went out to eat. (Sorry no pictures, Andy doesn't like having his picture taken.) We went to O'Charlies only because kids eat for free everyday, all day. Jon-Jon was being so naughty though and Alex kept standing up in the booth talking to everyone around us. Jon-Jon got mad, because we poured his chocolate milk into his sippy cup...he wanted to drink it from the kids cup with the bendy straw, but he doesn't know how to quite to do it yet. He can drink from a straw, but he thinks he has to tilt to cup up, which then starts to leak everywhere, so we take it away and he starts to scream. Well, we don't want everyone looking at us, so we give it back and start the process over. He did calm down though once the food started to arrive...he forgot about the cup with the straw and just drank from his sippy cup.

Afterwards, we needed to go to the store to pick and few items, like pull-ups, diapers, milk, and pop (for Andy). I don't know why, but it seems like I can never leave the store without spending at least $100 (it's a good thing Andy works for Walmart, because we get a disount, which is nice when spending that much money)!

Not such an exciting evening, but that is how it was spent. We haven't gotten anything for each other for several years now, mainly because we haven't remembered until it's too late (like a week later). Although, Andy did remember the first year, because he bought me a heart necklace with diamond around it...nothing fancy, but I still wear it to this day, not everyday, but almost.

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