Sunday, May 24, 2009


I came a across a quilt with a ruffle binding on at Spool Sewing. And I was wondering how they did that, so I went out on a search, Google search that is, to find out how to make a ruffles.

I found out that there are several ways:

The most time consuming is to fold the fabric over to create the ruffle / pleat, but if your going to do this for the whole quilt it could take you quite a long time.

Then I found a YouTube video where the sewer used elastic. She stretched it all the way out and then sewed it on the fabric and when she was done the elastic returns to it's original state creating the ruffle.

Finally, I came across a free quilt pattern provided by Michael Miller called Ginger Blossom. After reading the instructions and found out that they used a "ruffler foot", which looks something like this....

Scary looking contraption, isn't it?!?

Long story sewing machine is not made to have a ruffler foot attached. So I went to Joann's where I purchased it and they are going to let me upgrade to a machine that does have the ruffler foot option and much much more. But since I cannot do this until a get paid, the manager over the sewing machine department is going to hold it back until this coming Friday. In the meantime, I need to round everything up that came with my sewing machine, this should be a fun treasure hunt.

All this trouble for just a little ruffler foot, which the machine does not come with, you have to buy it separatly, but I'm going to get a good price on it. Matter in fact, she made me a deal that I just could NOT refuse. I'm so excited that I cannot wait.

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