Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!


but i only really like going to on the first day of the garage, because that is when people have all the good stuff.....usually by the end of the first day and the next day items are pretty much picked over.

so these are my great finds.....

Bird Plate: $0.25
Owl Plaque: $'s actually a pair and they are book ends....i figure a nice new coat of paint and they just might look really nice.
Thread: $1.00 per cone of 3000 yards

I got some other stuff as well.....some nice glass beer mugs with handles (5 for $0.10 each) and some books for the kids, 16 books since they were only $0.25 each.

So, altogether, I spent $10.00, which is about the same price for a cone of thread at the store....I did pretty good!

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