Monday, May 31, 2010

My Holiday Weekend Projects

Project #1
Fabric Canvas Painting from Anna Marie Horner.

I started this project first because the tutorial said to coat the fabric with mod-pog after it is secured to the canvas frame. And as you can see I didn't pull the fabric tight enough, which will be something to keep in mind the next time. And while the mod-pog dried I worked on project #2.

I found a silhouette picture on & used transfer paper to get the image into the fabric canvas.

I just really loved the birds and flowers in this image!

Project #2
Carry All Grocery Tote made from the book One Yard Wonders

Didn't really read the directions that well, because it said to use medium/heavy weight fabric. I used quilting weigh fabric and boy can I tell that I did. The bag is sturdy, but it's also very clumsy. So I'm going to let Alex carry this around to haul toys & his blanket to & from the would also work great when he goes to the library. Next time if I use quilting weight material, I'll make sure to use an interlining as well!

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Julie said...

Wow! What a weekend full of creativity. I have been eyeing that One Yard Wonders book and this just might sell me on it.

Thanks again for the beautiful oven mitt and pot holder!