Saturday, May 29, 2010

WIP for the Holiday Weekend

Since this is a Memorial Weekend....I'll be spending time with ot so I thought.

Planned on taking the boys to see Grandma Wofford's, who we haven't seen for awhile. But instead Baby Landyn decided to make his debut today. Which means that Grandma Wofford will be at the hospital with my sister, Angela, Landyn's new mommy. We are just waiting to get the phone call to let us now when he is finally here.

So, since our plans our are somewhat ruined (in good way!), the boys will be staying the night at Grandma & Grandpa DiTommaso's. Which means I'll have the rest of the holiday weekend to myself to work on some non-quilty projects.

Project #1

An idea from Anna Marie Horner!

Project #2

My idea is to make at least one project out of the book every month....there are a LOT of projects, which means it may take a few years. But the reason behind this is I buy books like this all time and I've only made several projects out of about 15 books. So what I'm hoping is to start getting my money's worth out of them. (I've already made one project....there are instructions for a potholder & oven mitt, so I used them for the Potholder Pass #3)


Jenny said...

hope you have a great (long) weekend Claire! congrats on the new baby in the family!!

love your gym shoe fabric, where did you find that??

Claire said...

Shoe Fabric Purchased from Hawthorne Threads
Manufacturer: Timeless Treasures
Designer: Timeless Treasures House Designer
Collection: Totally 80s
Print Name: All Stars in Neutral

Corrie said...

Can't wait to see what you make! I've got some books too, that I want to make more out of. Have a good weekend.