Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update on Quilt #2

I have the front of the quilt completely done and it's only been four days, since I've gotten my new sewing machine.

Yesterday, I went to go get Alex out of bed and he kind of smelled. I told him to get up, so we can get ready for the babysitters and he tells me, "I threw up mommy." So I'm looking and I don't see anything, and I ask him where. He point to the side of him, which I still do not see, until he sits up. It looks like he threw up with his head to the side and when he was done he didn't move or come get me for that matter. It had run down his check to the side of his head and neck. SO GROSS! I got him up, took him the bathroom for a quick bath, and got him all cleaned up and dressed again. I took his temp, which he had a little fever, so he stayed him from the sitters, but Jon went. So Alex watched movies most of the day, while laying on the couch.

It was when he was resting that I took the time to work on the his blanket, which I was able to finish the top piece. Yes, I know, I need to post picture of my progress. Well I have taken some photos, but they 're not with me right now. Hopefully, I get them posted tonight. And maybe if I work hard enough I can have the quilt done by Saturday, which would be the 1 week mark for my quilt in progress.

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