Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on Quilt

So, yesterday when Andy got home I asked if I could purchase a sewing machine, since I'm making Alex a quilt. To my amazement he said, "YES!"

I was sooo excited that I quickly got address (well made myself presentably to go out in public) and out the door I went. I had already checked online to see when Joann's closed, which was 7:00 pm on Sundays, which left me with an hour to get the, look at the different machine, and get checked out. Also, I had to buy more fabric, remember, because I mis-measured the last time.

First things first..get the fabric, just in case there's a waiting line ten miles long like the other day when I went. DONE!

Second, find someone who works in the sewing machine section. Check!

I told the sales lady that I'm new to sewing, but I also want a machine for quilting... I know new sewer and I'm taking on quilting I most be nuts right! Anyways, she takes me a Singer that about $300...OK I was thinking in my head that there has to be a cheaper machine than that to get the job, especially since I had already researched the net. I told her that I'd seen one on the for $199 or below, and she took right over see that machine. While the lady was explaining that machine I happen to glance over her shoulder (which was not hard to do since I'm 5'10" and she was 4'5") and there in the corner was a machine for $129. So I pointed it out, and when all said and done, that was the machine I took home. But before I left the store I made sure that I went to go grab some thread. machine isn't handy unless you have the thread for it!

The first thing I do when I get home is open up the box and start getting acquainted with my brand new sewing's not my mom's, not m y grandma's, but mine and no one elses.

I get it all hooked, threaded the bobbin, and not time to thread the machine. I got just about all done until I came to a step and sure enough there is a piece missing from the machine. I can't even tell you how bummed out I am about it. So I asked Andy to come over and help me get the machine back in the box to take back to the store. He comes over and looks at it and asked me what piece I'm missing, so I tell him, and he looks over it some, mean time I'm in the kitchen getting something to drink.

The next thing I hear is, "Honey, I fixed it for you!", is a I-know-more-about-sewing-than-you-do voice. EEWW, I was so angry at him, for shoving that in my face, because the rest of the night he was checking on me to making sure I knew what I was doing. He told me to make sure that I practiced on a couple of scrap pieces before I started on the quilt. So, I did and threw the practice pieces in his face just to prove to him that I knew what I was doing after all. He looks at it and examining it very intently, then he asked, "Did you make sure that you backed stitched to secure the ends?" I told him to look at the piece a little more carefully and that he would notice that the ends did have a thicker line of thread where I DID back-stitch. Ha Ha, I proved to him, that I knew what I was doing. Then I told him if his didn't stop quizzing me on sewing, that i was going to make him sew Alex's quilt....that got him to shut up.

Once I got the hang of the sewing machine, I got started, which I got about all the square pieces sewn together to make triangles, and then I had to cut them all in half. So tonight I'll finish the couple that i didn't get to. Also, now that I cut triangle i have to open it up to reveal the two-colored square, which I'll have to piece with another two-colored square and repeat the process again so that I end up with a four-colored square.

Later tonight I'll try to get some picture of what I'm talking about.

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