Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

We did not have Christmas at our house, we decided to go the Andy's parents' house for Christmas. We came over Christmas Eve and Alex set out cookies for Santa....which later on that night when no one was around the dogs knocked them down and ate them...bummer!

I thought that maybe since the boys went to sleep so late on Christmas Eve that they might sleep in on Christmas morning. WRONG! Our dog, Buddha, heard Andy's dad, Bert, get up and wanted to go down stairs at 5:00 AM, so naturally Buddha started to whine and wimper, which is so pathetic after about an hour. So at about 6:00 AM we let him out the room to go downstairs. But when we did this the other two dogs, Apollo and Baci, started to bark out of pure excitement, which once they start barking good lucky trying to get them to shut up. So about fifteen minutes later the boys were awake and fortunately I was able to get them to go back to sleep for about another hour.

Now that the boys are up, we took them down stairs and Alex couldn't believe how many presents that Santa left him. With him being three years old he thought that all the presents came from Santa, he didn't make the connection that Mom and Dad got him gift anf so did Grandma and Grandpa. Jon on the other hand just doesn't understand it yet, since he is only one.

We let them get theie stockings down from the fireplace first, then ate breakfast and relaxed for a little bit, and then opened up presents. They had fun and that's what matters the most.

Now comes the hard part....taking all the toys out of the boxes and packaging.

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