Sunday, December 28, 2008


My mother-in-law, KayC, has a tradition that when her grandchild turns three or about three, she takes them to Build-A-Bear. Well this year Alex turned three and my niece, Ayla, will be turning three in about 4 months. KayC wanted to take them together and pick out their bear, but I didn't want Ayla to influence Alex about his decision.

We are talking about a two hours nightmare!

Alex didn't get it at first. He didn't want the unstuffed animal, he wanted the display one, so I took him to the front of the line to show him what was going on.

Then he needed to pick out his bear or first he has a glittery teal fru-fru bear, which I convinced to put back, with a cute pengin. After about 5 minutes he put that back and grabbed a husky dog, which was also cute, but I still like the pengin. Then about 5 mintues later he but that back and grabbed the clearence turkey from Thanksgiving...OMG! That turkey was butt ugly. Finally, we convinced him to put that back and he picked out an elephant, which is cute and boyish.

Everyone keeps asking me if I put a voice box in it, but I decided to skip that, just I can wash him without having to worry about ruining it.

On to the heart and stuffing him, he really liked warming up the heart and giving it a kiss.

Now time to pick out an outfit...OMG again. I know that this is where the bear starts to get expensive, so I tried to tell him to keep it simple. First problem is they didn't have a whole lot to choose from to make a boy, and half of the boy selection was ugly, so that left us with about 3 outfits. Well he finally picked out an outfit and it was the ugliest one. I showed him a karate robe with all the belts, with was cute and thought he might like it, since he is really into Kung Fu Panda, but not a big hit. So we decided to just keep the outfit that Alex had picked out, since it is his choose and all. Then we get closer the the checkout and he see the PJs, and he changed his mind again, but at least the pjs he picked out were cute.

Almost done and now we have to name him. Well you have to go thought several screen prompts, and then save & print. Well once we got there Alex was started to get impatience and started touching all the buttons on the key board and before I realize what he is doing, he has exited us out the whole thing and we had to start all over. After going through the prompts again we are all done.

Alfie the Elephant has now been born!

Click to play Bear-A-Bear for Alex
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