Sunday, December 7, 2008

Im Over My Head - The Big Day

The boys had a great time at their birthday party! Since, it wasn't until 4 p.m. I spent the whole cleaning the rest of the house, that I was suppose to do Friday night. And because of my procrastination i wasn't able the meet with Mary and her kids at the mall, since they were in town for the day.

(If you can look past the people and into the dining room you can see the decorations that I hung up and the two giant dinosaur balloons

The boys took a nap starting at about 1 p.m. (I wanted them to be well rested for the party). While they were napping I went to go pick up the balloons, cake, and some snack food, which because it was snowing out, it took me about 1 1/2 hours. I bought some dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets made by Tyson, but I never got to cook them, because I forgot and there were only two other kids who showed up. So I just put out some fruit for the guess and got them drinks as needed.

Then once everyone was at the party we put the candles on the cake and pigged out on it. Alex and Jon both got their own cake. I thought that was only fair, since I was combining their party together. Thanks to Wal-Mart for decorating them plus a free cupcake, since Jon was turning one, but the dinosaurs on the cake I bought at Toy's R US.

Alex only ate the frosting off the cake, but Jon fully enjoyed his cupcake. Once I got him all cleaned up, we moved all the presents to the living room for the boys to open. I put Andy in charge of taking pictures. The boys got a lot of presents, now I feel like we don't have to open presents on Christmas Day, but I'm not a mean mom like that.

After all present were unwrappped, the kids played for awhile, and one by one the guess started to leave.

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