Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In Over My Head - Progress Day 1 & 2

Ok, on Monday night I didn't get the kitchen cleaned, but I did get a load of dishes in the washer, which is step one to a clean kitchen.

So, last night I scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom. Another load of dishes, clean stove top, clean counters, and sweep floor. I also got the dining room table cleared off for the most part. There is only a couple things left on it, and one item is suppose to be there to begin with and that's the wire rack used to hold fruit, if I had any. Right now it's holding camera & cell phone accessories, bills, and receipts.

Tonight I will tackle the bathrooms and Thursday night I'll get to the living room and toy room. Honestly, the toy room is probably the easiest to do, because it's just putting them away and collecting the stuff in buckets. I just don't do that, because 1) Alex knows how to put the toys away (Jon's too small yet) and 2) why put toys away when they're just going to be back out the next day and the day after that and so on. I just don't see the point sometimes. But then again, it might be easier if we had the right tools for putting the toys away, such as some kind of storage system. What we have right now is not big enough anymore. And the sad thing about this, is that on Saturday the boys will be getting even more toys. Which I have told everyone that they don't need any more toys, but like they're going to listen to me. I don't even listen to me. I said I was going to buy them a toy box and instead bought them toys. Go Figure!

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The Dapelo Family said...

Good Job! I love the progress. You'll have to put the pics up when its all done. I have a party here on Sunday for the youth so I am cleaning my place like mad too! I feel the pain. :)