Monday, December 28, 2009

...there's a light on this tree that won't light on one side.

....Well not quite a light, but more like a couple of branches have fallen off.....okay not a couple of branches, but more like half of one side.

What can we expect though....the was given to us for FREE from my mom who bought it if off e-bay for $10....we've had it for three years, but only up for two...last year we put up a little red tree for Andy's Star Wars' ornaments.

So, with a gift certificate from Andy's Uncle Donny, I bought us a new Christmas tree the day after Christmas when everything is half off....probably if I waited a couple more days it would of been 75% off, but then I risk that all the trees are picked over or none at all left. For $30, I think we got nice much simpler to put up.....instead of a having to put in each branch, all we had to do was install the bottom and let the branches fall down, since it has hinge branches....and too top it off, only three sections......SO NICE!

Oh, you want to know why we took down our Christmas and put up the new one instead? Well, simple, Santa Claus has NOT been to our house yet! He is coming tonight! We had to wait until Andy had another day off, which is tomorrow....Santa wanted to make sure all of us are going to be together.

And YES, I picked up two NEW very cute stockings!

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The Dapelo Family said...

ok, is the website. She is great. I think that there is a sale on some of her pieces right now. She has all different kinds of them too. I just really liked this one. :)