Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nephew #2 Quilt is Done!

The quilt that I need to mail out tomorrow, is FINISHED! I've been working on it for the last four hours, while also doing laundry (3 loads) and I helped the kids pick-up toys before the went to bed.

I took pictures of it, but I'm too tried right now to get them hopefully I can get that done sometime this weekend.

Tomorrow we have Family Christmas with my dad's side of the family. It will be different this year...2nd year that he has passed away, and also my oldest step-sister and her family will not be there. They moved to Colorado a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping that they'd be here, so I could at least see her kids.

Anyways, first thing in the morning, I need to go out and find something for my stepmom, but she is the hardest person to buy for. She's not a candle or The Body Shop or one of those pre-though of, pre-packaged gift kinda of gal. She's more of a practical person, but that's I go completely blank. I haven't really been over to see her since last's hard, since everything reminds me of dad.

So, maybe I'll just get her a gift card, even thought I think a gift card is a coop-out. I feel like I was lazy about the gift, but at least I know she's not going to re-gift it or through it out or sell it in a garage sale....

We'll see what happens...I usually find the best gift at the last minute!

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