Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Still Hasn't Made His Stop!

Everyone keeps asking Alex what Santa brought him for Christmas.....Alex just says, "Nothing." You see, Santa Claus has not made his stop here yet.

I told him that we would not be home for Christmas, so he could skip our house for the time being and come Monday night (tonight), instead! I had to explain to Alex who he made all the stops possible....time zone, different religion, family gathering at a relatives house, and families not being home that night.

Even though we were not home for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, Santa still left a couple of presents at Grandma's house.

Christmas Day was a little hectic for us. In the morning, we opened presents at Grandma KayC's, with Uncle Kris & Aunt Andrea and the kids....Kamille, Aidan, and Ayla LOVE their quilts that I made them.

At noon we had to be at Nanna's (my mom's).....first time she has cooked and made an actual meal, where we sat down to eat....usually she just has finger food, which I'm okay with. More toys, but also some coloring stuff as well, which they love playing with.

Later in the day...about 5:30 pm.....we went to Nana & Grandpa's. More & more & more toys....Nana always makes sure that she gets everyone something and spends the same amount of money on everyone....even Andy and me get something from her and it's usually more than what she should of spent on us...I keep telling her not to buy us anything and just buy for the kids, but she will NOT listen to me. Anyways, while there, Jon was playing in the stairwell and there is a door at the bottom, which he smashed his finger in, and not just once, but twice, with the same finger.....he finger nail is all black & blue....I just hope that it doesn't fall off.

So, since Santa is not coming until tonight, this gave me the day after Christmas to get some really great deals. V.Motion games by V-tech were BOGO Free, so I bought four.... I'm going to give Alex all of the games, but I now have them for Valentine's Day and Easter....also video games were BOGO 1/2 OFF....even though it was select games, I got a couple for the Wii and also the Nitendo DS Lite....all at Toys R US. At Target I got a new Christmas Tree....about 15 branches broke off of ours...a few NEW ornaments...the boys get one each year....and also NEW Christmas Stockings.

Until next time....

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