Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Out, 2010 In....A Year to Remember

What I accomplished in 2009:

Taught myself how to quilt without taking any classes.....made 11 quilts, 4 quilt tops (still need to be finished...goal for 2010), 2 purses (1 I gave to Mary), 1 wallet (very botched up...maybe I'll try again for 2010), 1 owl pillow w/blanket, and 1 fabric wreath.

Went on two (2) vacations....Prior Lake, MN to visit family and Sandusky, OH to Kalahari Waterpark Resort.

Saved a dog...LuLu (Lucky Lucy)....she's getting a lot better at the daily routines...such as not peeing or pooping in the house anymore.

Read 11 books.

Bought a new kitchen table for the dining room, so I can use the old one as my sewing table in the kids toy room, which is now half toy room and half sewing room, only appropriate since it is suppose to be the master bedroom of the house.

Received a new laptop from Best Buy, since our other one kept going out on us...thank goodness for protection plans.

Started going to In Touch Salon Spa to get my hair cut.....for the first time in my life I'm going to a hair dresser on a regular to tell you, it feels great to have nice looking hair.

And we bought a lot of crap that we really don't need.

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rachel griffith said...

thanks for stopping by my blog.

yep...i live in mayberry...aka south amherst, ohio.
please keep watching my blog for the modern siggy swap sign ups.

and to answer your question...
i use an ultra fine tip sharpie marker.