Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Goals

Before you ask...NO, I did not make a New Years Resolution....WHY?, because I never keep them, so is seems rediculous to keep letting myself down.

But I do have 2010 GOALS:

Make 12 quilts (one for each month). Well so far I already have 4 quilt tops and 4 family members who want a quilt made be me, so these will put me at 8, and Santa brought me some cute fabric for 3 new ideas and I've been waiting until the new year to start another idea in my head.....that's 12. Time to get the sewing machine humming again!

Read 12 books (again, one for each month). Just to name a few on the list....The Grimm Sisters: Tales from the Hood by Michael Buckley (#6 in the series), A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire (#3 in the series from Wicked).....there's more one list, but these are the only two that I'm excited about reading.

Be more organized, at work and at home, which leads me to my next goal...

Be a better Housewife.....what do I mean by this? Keep the kitchen cleaned, along with the dining room, living room, master bath room, toy room/sewing room, master bedroom....oh heck, keep the whole house clean. #1: I do NOT like cleaning. #2: Who wants to clean when you could be doing something else more fun, like sewing or reading or playing with your kids.

Watch less TV..... I haven't gotten into any new shows lately, which is helping.....and thank goodness that this is LOST's last season...hate to see it go, but one less thing to watch.

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