Sunday, November 30, 2008


Alex and Jon went Trick-Or-Treating this year as pirates. Alex was the captain and Jon the matey. It only seemed right since Alex also was trying to boss Jon around. They got to go three times this year and thank goodness, because now I feel like we got our moneys worth out of the costumes.


The local zoo on Thursday, October 30, 2008. They got to go from station to station with in the zoo to get candy, which we had to pay for. So I'm really sure if that counts if you have to pay for it. But they also had pumpkin displays along the way, such as, Alvin and Pumpkin and Gourd Diego Gourd.


On Halloween day, our first stop was the local mall, where you go store to store and collect candy. We've done this for several years now, but we always go an hour after it starts and there is never any candy left. So this year we got there right when it started, and their pails where filled by the time we were done. Then we headed home and waited for Grandma and Grandpa DiTommaso to arrive, so we could go through the neighborhood. We got half away around the housing addition when Alex started to get tired of walking, so I ended up carrying him from house to house. And we didn't even go down all the little side streets, house the house that you could get to from the main street.


Jon eating some of his Teddy Grahams from the mall, waiting from Grandma and Grandpa to show up. He thinks he's going to be able to eat that Kit-Kat, but little does he know that I'm getting ready to take it away.


At Grandma and Grandpa DiTommaso's. Where they live, Trick-Or-Treat was on Saturday, November 1, 2008. So, we waited for Aunt Laura and Cousin Hailey to get there and go with them. We just went down the one street that has the most houses on it. When I was old enough to go Trick-Or-Treating, that was the street to go down, you got the most candy in the shortest amount of time. It was a little disappointing, there were only about a fourth of the homes even handing out candy, when we went just about every home was handing out candy. I guess that's what we call a "Sign of Times!"

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