Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

The weekend before Halloween, Andy and me took our boys to Hilger's Farmer Market just a couple miles away from where we live. Hilgers transformed there place into a kid friendly attraction, which even had a haunted house that we didn't do. We invited him mom and my mom, since they were in town. I couldn't believe that Alex and Jon were both free, but all the adults had to pay. All we did was follow Alex from one attraction to another, while Jon sat in the stroller and took a nap for most of the time. It was cold out, but that didn't stop Alex one bit.

First stop... Alex jumping in one of those big bouncers (I don't remeber what it's really called). I was a little worried about him having to take his shoes off, because of the cold weather, but he was always moving that kept him warm.

Then, it was onto the pony ride. I had to walk along side of him too make sure that he wouldn't try to get off. It didn't really matter, because I was going to walk along side anyways, but I now he does have a habit of getting rides once they already start. He was having so much fun that he didn't want to get off, but I explained to him that there were other little boys and girls who would like to have a chance to ride the pony too. That seemed to work and we were off the nect item on his agenda....

...the cow ride. Now this time I was afraid he was going to try to get out midway through the ride, but he didn't. He fully enjoyed the trip around the park. But, I had Andy walk a couple paces behind just in case. Once the take ride was over, it was onto the trolley ride.

Yes, I do believe Andy followed the trolley around too! It's not like he was running along side, but the cows were pulled by a lawn mower and the trolley was pulled by a tractor not going very fast.

Andy and Alex inside of a teepee made out of corn stalks. I have admit, though, you can't tell that they are inside of a teepee, but it's still a good picture of them having fun.

Well the inside of the teepee wasn't that interesting to Alex, because the next thing I knew he was on his way to the Hay Maze. At the end of the maze there is a pryamid made out of hays bales. Alex climbed all the way to the top all by himself with Andy only a couple of steps behind him just incase he lost his since of balance and fell backwards.

After playing in the hay, Alex finally noticed a train. Alex loves trains! Out of all the stuff that we did that day, I bet we spent to most time here. He really liked being able the ring the bell. It took us forever to convince him that it was time to go back inside to warm up a little bit. We had probably been outside in the cold for about two hours. My mom had already went on ahead of us with Jon. So, we know have he on his way to start warming up and what does he see....

...a huge inflatted slide. He just had to go down the slide not once, but a couple of times. After about three or fours times, we told him that he had to warm up. As I put on him shoes and grabbed his hand, I could believe how warm they were for not having on any gloves. His hands felt like he had them by a fire the whole time. And here I thought that he might be cold, when the whole time it was just the adults that were cold.

Once all of us were indoors. We got some food and drinks to replenish...Elephant Ear, Kettle Corn, and Hot Cocoa (which all cost a pretty penny). We even let Alex get a balloon animal. for those of you who can't tell what it is, it's a dinosaur on a leash, which lasted about an hour before it popped.

Now that out tummies are all full, Alex wanted to go pick out his pumpkin. This took a lot longer than I thought, but he got a couple of nice ones for carving.

Which he had no interest in carving, so I had to do it al by myself. If you can see my pinkie there's a bandaide on it from where I cut it, and it's still healing a month later. But it was worth it.

A skull and cross bones....

...and spider with web. Altogether, it took me a little more than two hours to do both of the carvings. But they looked good for Trick-OR-TREAT.

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