Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching Up

So, besides the very first posting, lets get started. I want to kind of show case some of the things that have happened before today. No, I'm going to going to start from, for example, two years ago, but how about from July 2008.

Here is a picture that was taken at ARO / Ingersall-Rand, Bryan, OH of "Dave's Girls" in front of a stone bench that was dedicated to David R Wofford. (R to L: Kristy Helmkamp (stepdaughter), Diane (wife), Laura w/ Hailey (daughter with granddaughter), Angel Shibler (stepdauhter), & Me, Claire DiTommaso (daughter). For those of you who don't know, Dad or Dave worked at ARO / Ingersall-Rand since before I was born. He started out in California and then transferred in Ohio. About 5 years ago he was diagnosed with a very rare blood cancer and in April 2008 he passed.

Cat, my bestfriend, on her wedding day. No, I wasn't her maid of honor, because of the distance we live from each other. But, I may as well of been. I did a lot of the maid of honor duties on her special day. I even gave the speech at the wedding reception. When everyone was getting into position for the wedding, I was confused for the maid of honor.

But it doesn't matter how for apart we live from each other, it still seems like our lives run paraelle. We were both pregant with our first together, McKenzie was born in October 2005 and Alessandro in December 2005. We were even pregant with our second together, Giovanni November 2007 and Timothy March 2008.

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