Monday, November 23, 2009


I haven't posted anything latelyfor several reasons...

#1 - I've been working on the quilt with the plaid material, which is still in the works.
#2 - The WHOLE family has been sick...started two weeks ago, when I got a phone call at work to come pick up Alex because he has a fever of 101 Degrees F. He stayed home with me the whole next day, but fever.

So, the boys went to Grandma & Grandpa DiTommaso's for the weekend...and that's when things started to get bad...well actually when they came home. Alex was complaining that his ears hurt and Grandma said that LJ sounded a little raspy throughout the day on Sunday.

And being the good mommy that I am, I have LJ a breathing treatment Sunday night along with a does of some medicine left over from the last time. I also made a doctor's appointment for both of the boys first thing Monday Morning.

Alex - ear infection in both ears...script for med to get rid of it. Easy-Peezy!
LJ - breathing treatment ever 3 hours with Albuteral and Pulmicort twice daily, also Orapred once a day, which is what I was doing the night before. No script needed since I had meds left over from the last time (back in August). And LJ had a fellow-up Tuesday.

LJ was up every two hours Monday night, which I had to then give him a breathing treatment, which really was not working for him. Tuesday at the doctors again, the doc said that I was doing everything right, but I alone can not do this at home and that he needs to admitted into the hospital where professionals can keep a better eye on him. SO, LJ spent the next two days in the hospital. NOW, he is doing just fine, but still on breathing treament for the whole winter season.

Also, Andy was sick last weekend, which he so was kind about it to give it to me. He's was better in about 3 days, while I've been suffering this nasty cough. The cough is so bad that I haven't been able to concentrate on things.

But thing are starting to look hopeful.....I've been hosing down the furniture with Lysol when the kids go to bed or right before we leave the house....I've never been so obsessive about it, but H1N1 going around, you can't be too careful.

Hopefully, I'll have more pictures of FINISHED projects this weekend.

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