Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pet Peeve's - #1 & #2

Pet Peeve #1 - Smoking in the Vehicle with Kids

I seen a car earlier with 3 little kids in the back seat (ages 2-7, aAlign Centerpprox.). In the driver seat was the mom (or at least I think she was the mom) smoking a cigarette, with the window cracked about an inch.


I just wanted to get out of my car, walk over to her and yank her out and give her a beat down for put intoxicants into her children.

I think it should be ILLEGAL to smoke in a car with minors!!

Pet Peeve #2 - Tanning in General

I just read on facebook about one of my old high school friends starting to go to the tanning salon. I can't believe that she's so insecure about herself that she thinks she needs to be tanning. I wanted to write something about it on her post, but I've restrained myself and am venting here on this post. This is what I wanted to tell her:

"Can't believe that you're so insecure about yourself that you think you need a tan......I love my pale skin, because I know that when I am 50 years old that I'll still look great and when you're 50 years old that you'll like you're 90....well good luck with your tanning sessions, and here's to skin cancer!"

I little glow looks nice, but it most be natural. I cannot stand people who tan to the point that you mistake them for a mixed race.

You should be proud of the skin color the God gave you!

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Jen said...

Claire, Couldn't agree with you more! On both points! First one...drives me nuts when I see that too! I live in NV where smoking is still legal pretty much everywhere. I guess they have restricted most restaurants now, but if you eat at a restaurant in a casino, you smell the smoke. But anyway, lots of smokers here where I live and I see it all the time in the small town I live in. ALL the windows rolled up with the drivers window literally opened about a 1/2 an inch or LESS smoking w/ kids in the back. Hate seeing that!

Then on the second subject..I'm a former tanner myself. I was in college, so this was back in the early 1990s and I was a little obsessed with getting as tan as I could. I'd only tan in the summer b/c I never had time to get the tan naturally and I lived in a city where 100 degrees was the average temp. in the summer. So it was shorts and tank tops all summer long. In the early 90s tan was in and I'm not even sure if the fake tan sprays and creams were even really available yet. SO anyway, there's my confession on the tanning bit. BUT also, I was young (19 or 20) didn't have a clue about sun damage and not even sure if it was publicized like it is now. Now, in today's world w/ all the info out there, I'd never even dream of tanning in a tanning bed or out in the sun. I'm deathly white now and look pretty gross, but could care less. I can't use the tanning creams or sprays b/c I have some sort of allergic reaction to it them. But I'm fine with it! I'm lucky that I'm 38 and have very few wrinkles and people think I'm 5-10 years younger than I really am. I can't believe what I did to my skin in the past and I'd never do it again!

What gets me is: why is ANYONE even tanning in February?? Isn't it winter in most parts of the county? Even if it's not, why would someone cook themselves under lamps knowing what it does to your skin?? I'm with you!

Sorry for the long reply!!