Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being Realistic

As most of you know, when I started blogging it start out about my family, and then took a turn towards what I'm currently sewing. Well, I finally decided to update my blog layout to reflect what seems to be closer to my everyday life......Besides my sewing corner being chaotic looking, so it the rest of my life.....but i think anyone with small children and pets in the house will say the same thing. So here's to my new blog layout!


Jen said...

well, I'm a bit jealous in that I wish I only had a corner that was chaotic vs. the WHOLE house!! 2 kids, 1 dog, a hubby that is gone all the time for work (Navy) and a mama that would much rather sew when I get a chance instead of clean = one MESSY house MOST of the time! Oh well! I've3 finally realized you gotta do what makes you happy! Cheers to your new layout!

Katie B. said...

This looks very familiar to me!