Monday, February 16, 2009

Jon: In Rare Form - UPDATE

Ok, so Jon's condition hasn't really inproved much over the weekend, so I decided to make an appointment for him today to be on the safe side before taking him to my sisters for the whole week. Well the first available appointment was at 4:15 p.m., which mean I now have to spend the whole day with boys.

(Alex & Jon are going to my sisters for the week, because my normal babysitter just gave birth Friday night and she is now taking two whole week off to spend with the new baby, I'm lucky that she isn't taking the normal two whole months, like most women do before returning back to work.)

Jon's diagnos:

He has a bronchial infection, so I need to up the number of times a day I give Jon a breathing treatment. Pulmicort twice daily for two week. Albuterol every 4-6 hours as needed for the next two weeks, but if his breathing starts to get better I may be able to stop the Albuterol sooner.

He has an ear infection in both ears.

And those tiny red pen-sized dots on his face, the doctor said, "It looks like he coughed really hard and broke some blood vessels, but that doesn't explain why the dots are now on his chest, back, arms, and legs".

So the doctor sent Jon to get some blood work done. He wants to make sure his white blood cell count is normal and also to make sure that there is not a serious bacterial infection in his blood stream.

Well we got the results and his white blood cell count in normal, but it will take 24-36 hours for the other. So I have to stay home with Jon until I recieve a phone call with the results. We don't want Jon around other kids if it's something bad.

Before we left the doctors office the nurse came in (I thought to release us with an antibiotic prescription, like normally) to say that she is going to give Jon a shot of a stronger antibiotic for his ear infections and if there is a bacterial infection in the blood stream, it will get a jump start on taking care of it. So not one shot, but two shots (one in each leg) and she tells me that this is going to hurt, since it is medicine.

Jon was one pissed off baby after this appointment. I felt so bad for him (plus I was worn out, the appointment was at 4:15 p.m. and we got to leave two hours later) that I went to McDonalds to get the boys chicken nuggets and fries. Notice I didn't say HAPPY's cheaper to by the adult meal and spilt it between them (four nuggets each and I get the last two). I always end up throwing whatever toy they get away because it's so cheaply made.

Hopefully I get some good news within the next 36 hours, so I can get a break from the boys....

How do stay at home moms or dads do this day in and day out without losing their sanity???

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