Friday, January 16, 2009

Chocolate...I've met my match

I LOVE chocolate and who doesn't...seriously! About a week ago I bought some Lindt and Starbucks brand at the store. Well I like dark chocolate better than milk chocolate, and I found a Lindt 85% chocolate bar in the candy section.I was so tasted like crap! I spent $2.00 on a bar and now I have to throw it away. So I have learned that about as dark as I can go is 60%, which Ghilrardelli makes a good one.

And another kind of chocolate that I don't like so well is Russel Stovers: Private Reserves. I don't like chocolate with hard, chewy centers...I thought I was going to pull one of my teeth out while trying to chew the piece up...but one that I did like by Russel Stovers was American Classics™ Mississippi Mud Truffle
These were so yummy that I also ate the whole bag in one day while at work.

And then we get to Whitman's: Soho...what you see is what you get there...only six (6) pieces of chocolate for $5.00 and they tasted like actully tasted like chocolate covered salt taffy....YUCK! And don't let the box fool you into thinking that there might be more in there because there's not. Very disappointed once again.

Oh yeah, I did say that I bought some Starbucks chocolates too. These are the ones that I've tried and I like all three (3):

Starbucks Chocolate: Caffe Mocha Truffles
Starbucks Chocolate: Espresso Truffles
Starbucks Chocolate: Vanilla Bean Truffles


Dark Angel's Girl said...

Oh wow. They look really really really good. O.O

Dark Angel's Girl said...

Oh LOL. Thank you very much. I really appreciate any input you have. ^.^ And I understand and completley agree with you on dreams being connected to real life. Oh the stories I could tell. LOL. :)