Saturday, January 17, 2009


Seriously do are children really need all of these shots in the 21st century.

I just got back from the shot clinic, because my youngest son, Jon, needed his 12 month immunization shots, which was a total of five. Yeah, Jon is madder than all get out...two shots in his right leg, one in the left, and one in each arm. And it doesn't help that he is cutting teeth right now..the last time I looked it was about three.

So, we're at the clinic and it's our turn, I sit in the chair with Jon on lap and the nurse tells me which ones are going where. "The two that are going in his arm are a live virus and in about 7-14 days you may notice some symptoms, like a rash on his trunk or about 10-15 poxes on his body."

What?!? I thought the whole point of getting these shots was so he didn't get the virus to begin with. (For those of you who don't have kids, when a doctor or nurse refer to a child's trunk, they mean the chest, stomach, and back.) The nurse goes on to say, "If you notice any poxes at all you need to keep your child at home until they are all cleared. Also, it is a 10 day exposure period, so you'll need to notify anyone who has been around your son for the past 10 days."

Now I'm thinking...Are you joking me! But I just told her that I understand, so we could get out of there and get home to start the healing process of recuperating from FIVE shots.

Seriously though, my son and his older brother, Alex, goes to a daycare with about 12-15 kids. Can you imagine if all those kids get chicken pox. Plus, both supervisors are pregnant and the one is due in a couple of weeks. What if her new born is exposed...OMG!...i can't even iamgine that.

So on Monday when the boys go to the daycare I will make sure to tell both supervisors that Jon got his shots, and the possible side affects that it may have on him.

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Darrshini said...

O.O Shots...yeah...bad. I remember getting my flushot recently, and that shot actually made me feel a little sick for a while. But yeah, those are what shots are...they put a little piece of the virus or bacteria in you and -hopeully- the white bloodcells get to it, memorize it and eat it up in time before it infects the body. >.<'' Bad, huh? Those shots are painful! Well...just shots in general. LOL. I hope they feel better though!