Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Day

We went to Andy's parents on Saturday and stayed the night, so that the kids could spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa, who only live 30 mintues away. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

I'm trying to frantically pack everything that we'll need for the rest of the day and all day Sunday. Clothes for the boys, my husband, and me. Diapers, Pull-Ups, wipes. Easter candy, baskets, toys, & anything else that needs to go in to the baskets. Plastic eggs for hunting, egg dying kit, vinegar, gifts for the dogs (Oh YES, the dogs get goodies too!), Toiletries for Andy and me, Carmera, My HEAD!

Of course by the time we got to Andy's parents house, I realize that I've forgotten a couple of things, like the camera and Easter baskets. So I call Andy, who is still at work, and ask him to pick up the items.

Fast-forward to after dinner

It's going on about 7:30 pm and we still haven't dyed the eggs yet, so we get that all set up. Long story short: Alex accidently knocked over a cup of teal blue dye all over the counter, which eventually landed on the white/cream colored carpet. But before it hit the carpet it got all over the son, who then looked like a Smurf. (Sorry, no pictures, we were too busy trying to get the dye out of the carpet.) I sprayed down the soiled spot with a pretreater, while my mother-in-law got the carpet cleaner vacuum ready. The eggs looked great, can't say the same for the carpet.

Fast-forward to bedtime

We didn't even realize that it was really starting to get late and the Easter Bunny had to come with the goodies yet. It was about 10:30 pm when we finally got the boys around for bed, who were no where near being tried. I stayed with them unti they fell asleep, and then I was going to get the baskets around, but I guess I fell sleep waiting on them. Andy had to come and check on us, because I never came back to the living room to relax.

Fast-forward to Easter Morning

Are you freaking joking me?!? It's 6:30 am and the boys are up and ready to go downstairs for breakfast and cartoons. We all get up and the boys don't even notice their Easter baskets on the table waiting for them. (I decided that I wasn't going to hide them this year, because I think their still a little young; 3 and 16 months.)

When they do notice the baskets, they're all bummed out because it's time to eat breakfast that Grandma just cooked for them: scrambled eggs, sausage links, & fresh fruit, YUM!

After breakfast I start to get ready, then Andy, and then the boys. Between all the playing and prepping myself and the boys for the rest of the day, I'm ready for a nap, but forget that options, the Easter feast only has about 45 minutes to go. In the meantime, my sister and her duaghter show up.

Lunch Time

I don't even know why I bother to put food on the kids' plates, they took two bites and said they were done eatting adn that they wanting to get down and play. Whatever, by now I just don't care.

After the adults get done eatting and clean up, we started to get the house prepped for the Easter Egg Hunt. After the kids found all the eggs, they plopped doen in front on the TV and started opening up egg after egg. I had to intervene, Alex and my niece, Hailey, had about 20 eggs each, while Jon had about 5 eggs. We told them that they could have two eggs right now and out the rest up for later. That didn't go over so well, they kept trying to sneak eggs whike we weren't looking!

About 3 pm, my mom showed up with her boyfriend, to say, "HI!" and visit with the grandkids. She took the kids outside to play and after about 1 1/2 hours she told me she was going to take them for a walk, which isn't a big deal, since they in a very quite nieghborhood. After about 30 minutes I'm starting to wonder where they are, because I still needed to go to Andy's grandparents house about 45 minutes away, which my sister and mom both knew that to begin with. I go outside to look for them and find them playing in dirt and throwing stones, twigs, etc. into the storm drain. WHAT WAS MY MOM THINKING?!? I didn't get them dresssed up just for lunch, they still needed to look nice for their great-grandparents. SO AGGRAVATING!

I finally told me that it's getting late and that we needed to get going. Once we are on the road, they boys fall asleep right away. Nana and Grandpa's House here we come. When we get there the boys are still sleeping and I have to wake them up to go inside. BAD IDEA! They just cried and cried and cried. They didn't care that Nana got them something, they shoved it away and cried some more. I could even walk without either carrying one or being followed so closely that I almost tripped a couple of times. Ten minutes of crying, when I thought that they might be hungry, since they didn't eat lunch very well. BINGO, WE HAVE A WINNER! After they ate they were just fine and into everything.

Just about being there for a little bit it was time to get going again.

All in all I didn't get home-home until about 10:30 PM and I was tried and cranky. Andy doesn't know hat it like to do this by yourself, since he always has to work.

I think next year, we'll have Easter morning at home, get ready and make our rounds to the homes for dinners.

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