Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

The had a blast Trick or Treating this year...they even got cupcakes from the neighbors! Our neighbors are awesome...they're old enough be my parents....and when LJ was born (winter time) it seemed we got dumped on with snow about once a week and he and the other neighbor took turns snow blowing our driveway for us! Like I said they are AWESOME!

Anyways, back to Halloween...we went to Andy's parents on Saturday, they only did one small housing addition plus the one his parents live in...Andy's parents direct neighbors were excited to see the kids dressed up...they've enjoyed watching them grow up.

And then on Halloween Day the boys went Trick or Treating in our neighborhood, but we didn't go through the whole addition, since they got tired about 45 minutes into it.

They got enough candy to last them at least until next year, which if it turns out anything like last year I'll be throwing away about of it!