Friday, September 24, 2010

Flouncy Bag...

I cannot believe how well this turned out.

I have to admit that I do NOT think this pattern is for beginners....the directions were not that clear, so on some parts I was wingin' it. Also it may of helped if I knew that there were corrections to the cutting measurements before hand, because I did not catch this until after cutting, the opening is kind of small....and since I used a dark lining it's hard to see down into the bag.

But here is what it looks like. The brown/gold ribbon has loops in it to hold items.

For those of you wondering..I used Michael Millers Fairy Frost. I have no clue what color, since it came in a scrap bundle from For the outside I used a fabric purchased from Jo-Ann's, so I'm not sure what it is called or who makes it. But I also used this fabric for the backing of my Exotic Quilt.

The directions said nothing about using a stabilizer for the bottom, but I added some the bottom is more sturdy!

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mkate said...

Hey there Claire! I see you've made a lot of progress since last Saturday! And, you've blogged it all too! I'm impressed! I can see some Wild Thyme in your blog's header. Wondering what you've made with it? I'm designing a baby quilt for someone and I'm considering some of the prints from that line.

Oh yeah...I finally finished the binding on the scrappy rail fence! Yahoo!