Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lucky Lucy

I have been thinking about getting another dog....yes I just may be crazy, but we only have one dog right now as it is, Buddha, and he's starting to get just plain lazy....sleeps all the time and eats more than he exercises. So, maybe another dog will be beneficial for not only the kids, but for Buddha too.

So off to the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control.....

I originally went, because I seen this really cute puppy on their website, but when I got there he was already adopted (cute puppies do not last long in a place that this). I decided that I'd at least look at the other dogs there....and wouldn't you know there was a puggle that looked just like Buddha, same coloration and all. They named her Marzipan, I sent some time with her and we bonded right away. I put her on hold to be picked up the next day...took the boys and Buddha with me when I went to go pick her up. Everyone had to be able to bond together before they would let me take her home.

I didn't like the name Marzipan, so we renamed her Lucky Lucy and call her LuLu or LuLu Belle for short.

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