Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Start of a New Quilt

So the other day I wondering what I can sew next, which i should be working on Niece #2's. All I have left to do is finish quilting the quilt and binding, but for some reason I keep putting it off. If I don't stop soon, my may not get it done for Christmas and then I'll have to kick myself in the butt for being a procrastinator.

Anyways, I went to work on coming up with a design for Nephew #3's.

This is what I'm working with, plus another fabric not shown.

The Front Side

The Back Side

I guess it really doesn't matter which side is the front and which is back, because I like them both equally. I guess I'll find out which is which when I give it to my nephew which side he like best.

Yeah and by the way....Andy and Alex are both mad at me for this quilt. Andy thought it was for Alex and Alex thinks it's for him also. I could make another quilt from the red outer space and blue zigzag outer space material, but I'd have buy more of the robots outer space, since I used it all for the backside. (But think where I got the material, it is on clearance right now and last I looked out of stock! I think they'll get over it.)

As with some of the other quilts I've started, I will not be finishing this one until we get back from VACATION.

And when I say "we" I mean Andy, me, and the boys, and Andy's parents. We're loading up in his mom's Envoy at about 8:00 pm (maybe sooner) Friday night. I want to leave at night time: #1 the boys will sleep through most of the 10 hour ride to Prior Lake, MN, #2 we'll miss a lot of the rush traffic in Chicago, IL, and #3 well I haven't thought about it yet, but I'm sure there's another reason, there always is. I hope to have a lot of pictures for you for when i get back.

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